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Here's our list of Services and Maintenance.
1. Our service bases around the country make a rapid service to every customer.

2. Regular preventive maintenance is important for the surface treatment equipment with the corrosion problem by chemical so that a prompt action at the sudden failure is indispensable from the above. We have a special maintenance section and strive for recovery in shortest time to any sudden failures.

3. We can support other equipments (competitor's products) both domestic and foreign.
It is necessary to change equipments to follow the latest product that changes on a daily basis according to a production process, user-friendliness, service condition, and environmental measure. ALMEX TECHNOLOGIES meets a customers needs and customize an existing line into the latest one by the state-of-the-art technology, also support from one experiment tub for laboratory equipment. We always offer a maintenance by Trinity System which has integrated mechanical equipment with chemical process and computer control for your stable operation.
1. We can design and manufacture various jigs for customer request.

2. We are studying how a copper jig with much price fluctuation can be used at a low price and for a long time.
1. We procure components cheaper from abundant roots in an expeditious way.

2. We can manufacture components of existing equipment in quick delivery by control of drawings.